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In a world full of complex and trying decisions meeting someone special should not be as difficult as it is. Most people may consider you “too picky” and although you are very selective you probably defend yourself and feel a bit guilty for being as picky as you are. Being Picky is a choice. You are picky about most of the choices you make in life. If you went to a restaurant you would not tell the waiter “just give me something pretty good”, you will scrutinize the menu until you feel confident you have made the right choice. Not, that we are comparing meeting the love of your life to going out for a meal, but shouldn’t you be at least as picky if not more so?

Selecting a partner, someone who you can count on and share life’s excitement is quite possibly the most serious decision you will ever make. At Picky Dating we realize that with today’s online dating scene it is hard to decide what online dating site to choose from. The good news is Picky Dating is not an online dating site. We are personal Matchmakers dedicated to introducing you to like minded singles that are compatible with you inside and out with background checks performed for your personal safety.
So next time someone suggests “you’re just too picky”, say “thank you for noticing, I deserve nothing but the best”. When it comes to matters of the heart settling for anything less is just cheating yourself out of one of life’s biggest pleasures. Meeting someone you truly love.

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